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It Starts Within..

Updated: May 17, 2020

It takes courage to call ourselves out on our own fears and bullshit.. and where does it come from? It comes from within. Any change we realize that we want starts from within. Self- awareness is the key to creating change. Decisions to do something about it is the next step. Scary? Sure. Doable? Of course!

Change. Change begins within.It is constant. We all know that right? So why do we get upset when things are not the same, when things begin to shift into a different direction? Why do we see it as a bad thing? Why not choose to see it with a positive perspective? It is only natural that we lose touch with people as we move forward in life, we change habits and beliefs that no longer serve us, we change our attitude to adjust and cope, we change our eating habits when its starts to effect our health. We change ALL THE TIME. We cannot see the gift in what we resist, and it is natural to resist what we do not understand. Sometimes though, it’s harder to accept change when it’s not our choice... now that’s the part I want to emphasize on.. I invite you to accept those challenging times in life (where we have avoided dealing or changing that part within us) .. I assure you, those are the times we experience growth and healing. Accept change. Accept is as if you have chosen it yourself. Change is the only constant. And it starts within.

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