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The Womb

Updated: Feb 29

I woke up late last night in the middle of my sleep, and an image of a womb came to. me. Just as the baby spends time in a womb, incubated, isolated from the outer world, alone, in solitude... until it is ready enough to come out and survive. The womb has a purpose. It is being nurtured and protected until the time comes for the next level of maturity. This womb is temporary. It provides the time and space needed to survive.

Now, as an adult, to go through isolation and "tightness" could be a scary concept to imagine. Picture this; no freedom, no company and the world seems to darken the more you resist what is.

For some, it would be a lonely space and time to experience. For me...I view it from a different perspective; security, serenity, safety from what may seem uncertain. The silence in the "womb" gives me the opportunity to tap into something deeper without distractions. Once the mind is silenced I can hear a wiser voice within me. It feels like something unseen is taking care of me, guiding me, protecting me, reminding me of who I am, what I am and where I am.

This vision for me is in a way related to my previous post of the beauty in chaos, the images are opposites, yet the feeling and energy of both I feel is trust, rebirth, growth, trust. Are we born and re-born into something? or..... are we reborn and born out of something? out of chaos? out of a womb..over and over again..experiencing the in-between we call life.

I have found in my experience that, to allow and accept when I am in a period of womb and incubation, to trust it, to sit in silence, to listen, to feel, to heal, to accept. To not resist or react, as it only makes it harder and more painful. Rushing or challenging a rebirth only keeps one in a level they are ready to outgrow. Allow and accept dear beautiful human. Embrace your growth. Celebrate your rebirth.

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