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How do I know if coaching is right for me?
If you say yes to any of the following, then coaching is for you
 You feel like something's missing and believe you know there's something bigger meant for you

 You are bored and feeling your life has no purpose

 You have unhealthy/toxic relationships 
 You feel you are not "something" enough and want to overcome that

 You feel stuck or drained & need clarity on how to move forward 

 You want to discover what it is you're meant to do

 You have an idea but your family & friends don't seem to understand or support you

 You're unfulfilled or unhappy with your current life situation

 You need someone to help you stay on track & hold you accountable for the decision you take

 You desire to be mentored by a coach who knows what it's like to fight for your dreams

How long does it take for the sessions to change my life?
Change begins the moment you make the decision. Nothing changes if nothing changes. The moment you decided you will no longer settle for the life you are living now and want to make things different. The more you are willing to work wholeheartedly and honestly with yourself and our sessions, the faster you will be in charge of your life,decisions and values.
How many sessions do I need?
The average client usually stays with me for between 6 to 10 sessions. After that they usually pop in from time to time when feeling stuck and need some guidance and perspective. Each session is about an hour and held once a week, maximum every ten days.
What is the age range of people you coach? 
My clients range from age 20 and up. 
I am asked sometimes to coach younger people, and I view the case. If I am 100% sure the person wants coaching and I am working to their agenda and not a parents or guardian, then I will consider it depending on my availability.
Can we have the coaching sessions in my private home / office?
Unfortunately, I do not have coaching sessions outside my office space. We can always schedule sessions online. (See next question).
Do you offer online coaching?
I absolutely do! Some clients fly in to have in-person sessions, and some live in the same city but due to whatever reason prefer to have the sessions online. It can be audio only or video. Whatever is more comfortable for you. Many of my clients travel during the coaching package and we have our sessions online to continue the momentum and schedule set.
Do you offer E-mail coaching?
I do not offer email coaching. I do not encourage it either. 
What are your payment terms?
Full payment for the coaching session/package is due in advance at least 48 hours before the appointment. Under exceptional circumstances I will do what I can to accommodate anybody that has difficulty with this.
What is the best way to book a session with you?
That's easy. Just click here and fill out the form to get started!
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