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The Beauty of chaos

Updated: Feb 29

I woke up late night. It was a little after 3AM. I opened my eyes with these words of the above title, "the beauty of chaos". There is chaos in everything, a turbulence, a change, a disruptance. A transitional messiness. It can get really messy. Yet there is a beauty in that as it comes to order. It's like it starts to make sense. Something new is being created out of the disorder. A rebirth.

I have learned to trust the chaos. to become aware of it, acknowledge it without any judgment. I do not need to understand it to accept it. There is no need to control it. Simply observe. Appreciate it.

To. find little moments of wander and beauty in the chaos. it is there. It may seem random. It may seem irrational. It may be uncomfortable and even scary in the midst of it all. However, chaos is the death of what is, and a rebirth of something new.

I choose to believe that chaos is the "in between" of something better for me being reorganized for a better version of me.

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