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Shifting the energy

We all go through it... that feeling of depletion, demotivation, fatigue, stuck-ness. The days drag through, and before we realize it, we are in that state so deep we struggle to get out of it. I have had my fair share of those days, and it took a lot of awareness and will to shift that. Here are some acts of self love that helped me through those times.

Move your body

I know it's the last thing you'd feel like doing when you're feeling in a funk. But trust me on this, just get up, don't think too much about it play your favorite song and start moving your body. Sometimes that's all it takes to create a shift in your mood.

Change your clothes

When you are in lazy mode, change whatever you are wearing. Put on something vibrant and cheerful (and get out of those comfort zone sweatpants!). Some make up and a wink in the mirror reflection won't hurt either.

Bake a cake

... or cook a meal from scratch is a great way to come into presence using hand eye coordination take your attention away from low vibrations

Count your blessings

I know it sounds so cliché, but it does shift something on the inside even if you don't believe it. Write a list of everything that comes to mind that you are grateful for; from the people and support you are surrounded with to the lessons you have learned in life.

Write a brag sheet

That's right. Brag my dear! Write down all the milestones and achievements you have accomplished over the years beginning with the most recent and work your way back to as far as you can remember. This act is a confidence booster if you are feeling low self-esteem or unworthy, and also it is a reminder of how you are valuable and contribute to this world.

Pause on caffeine, carbs and sugar.

Having more high vibrational foods; lots of greens, fresh produce and hydration on water helps flush out negative energy. I would even suggest intermittent fasting for three days in a row if you give it a try. You will find yourself feeling lighter, more mindful, clarity and restful sleep.


My absolute favorite act of self love. Putting our thoughts and emotions on to paper clarifies and helps process what we may actually be stuck in and where we may be judging ourselves. You'd be surprised at what may come out and surface with journaling. Grab a pen and blank paper and start free writing and don't worry about the grammar or string of thoughts. Just write. The point is to acknowledge your awareness without judgement. It just is. Writing helps release that stuck energy bottled up inside.


It sounds like an overwhelming task, doesn't it? However, it doesn't need to be. Choose an area around the house if you live alone or your bedroom if still living with your parents, and declutter an area of your choice; kitchen cabinets, your wardrobe, bookshelves..etc

Clearing out clutter physically helps clear our mental clutter. Donate or get rid of what does not bring you joy.

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