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Over the sessions we had together, Serene helped me develop the ability to see the components of my life differently, understand what mattered and what I was carrying as excess baggage. She taught me how to organize my life in a way that makes sense to me.

Coaching is very personal and I believe it worked well for me as I was not looking for someone to tell me what to do- that is MY job- but I needed someone to teach me the tools to use to make my own decision and get the job done and I gained that from the coaching sessions. 

Serene is very easy to talk to, trust-worthy and supportive. I did a lot of work between the sessions (as she held me accountable) and in my opinion that is essential to gain the most out of working with a life coach. 



Serene has helped me go through key milestones in my life. She encourages a conversation with myself that breaks down barriers preventing me from fulfilling my true potential.  She does this with techniques that encourages me to challenge self imposed limitations  and helps me explore ways to overcome. She is 1 of the very few people I would comfortably trust to open up and share deep fears and doubts. 


I go to Serene time and time again. I would highly recommend her to people aiming to take themselves to higher ambitions but lost on how to get there.


I have always been stubborn in my way of thinking and believed I was smart enough to know what's best for me. Reaching out to a life coach was not an easy thing for me to do. My friend suggested I contact Serene, and I am thankful to both my friend and to Serene. I let go of many concepts and allowed a new perspective and approach to life with Serene's guidance. I am no longer stuck and enjoy every situation as it unfolds.



Working with Serene helped me tap into the confidence that was hidden within me to reach my goals. Learning how to say "no" and setting boundaries was a huge change in my life. Thank you!

-Maram T

"I love her energy.  I felt safe opening up and talking with her. She is always fully present and l istened to  me with no judgement. I was able to change my habits  and thoughts with  time. Thanks to coach Serene I am now much happier alhamdulillah."


"Serene was great! It was fun an interactive, she pushed me and challenged me as I kept going. I've discovered what my values are, and how to deal with things the way that served me and fulfilled me. My life and self have improved with Life Coaching . Thanks. "



Serene showed me what it means to live from the heart and connect to my authentic self. It was completely out of my comfort zone, and I'm a happier person now living the life I have always wanted. Thank you.

- Maram

Being confused and stuck about a decision held me back for over a year. It was frustrating. In my coaching sessions with Serene, I learned that I always have a choice, and I can have a balanced life between being a new mum and pursue my coaching career. I now have the best of both worlds thanks to Serene.


Working with Serene made me more aware of myself and MY needs. I learned to say "no" to what no longer serves my growth. I am more clear on my values and how to put myself first and give myself permission to express myself more freely and unapologetically. Thank you Serene!


I reached a point in my life where I needed a Life Coach and I found Serene. What a blessing! I felt a change from the very first session. I pad upfront for 6 sessions to make sure I stayed committed, and Serene helped guide me in every aspect I struggled with; anxiety, unhealthy family relationships and trouble connecting with my inner self. Serene was like my wiser voice and through our sessions I was able to see the bigger picture and understand my potential and overcome my limitations! Most importantly, I learned to accept myself. Serene truly was a blessing in my life and definitely the person to go to when needing support and compassion to get through a time of struggle.

- Fadi

When Serene first started coaching few years ago I called her as I was going through a really rough couple of years and felt that I had lost my creativity and confidence. I wanted to get back to doing the things I love but couldn't take the first step. I called Serene and I just have to give her the credit of changing my life!!  I came back more creative and productive than ever! I cannot thank her enough for helping me face my fears and doubts and start acting instead of wasting my time with meaningless activities. a big fat THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Keep doing what you do because you are changing lives!

- H Z

I was so blessed to have my coach Serene. She is such a wonderful individual and coach. I still remember the day I decided that I needed a help and lifting up. Although I would describe my self as a fighter in life, I reached to the limit that I was just exhausted, lost and cannot move any forward. I was going around in a never ending circle. I decided things MUST change. The whole coaching journey were just super. I went deeper inside me, looking into every single action I took and gave it a name and/ or a reason. Serene helped me to know my self better although I thought I knew it. It is so different when you have someone watching you judging your self wrongly, while she is trying to help you. I felt so much supported, secured and motivated by Serene during the hardest period I have ever experienced in my life!! Self awareness is the key of happiness and success in life. Once you reach this limit of understanding and living, you will start to see your life differently. Now, I am a different person. I am much calmer and patient. I am enjoying life with its ease and hard times. Excitement is back on track. I know and understand myself better now.  I have learned to be aware of my core values in life, and just keep living on purpose. I am back to journaling, which I love and used to do when I was a little girl. I can now basically reflect my whole emotions in papers, and move on, nothing can stop me from reaching my goals in life. I can now notice, reflect, improve my self in away that would lead me to success inshallah. My message to anyone who is hesitant to ask for help is " just go for it and do not waste your time wondering too much, there are wonderful people around us and are there to help and support. Serene is the best coach to work with. Thanks Serene from the bottom of my heart.

- Alya

 I was introduced to Serene from a dear relative and had previously heard of her through a friend who had her as her life coach.  I started seeing Serene sometime in March, it was great timing as it helped me take simple calls to actions during a rough period of time I was going through. 


Talking to Serene and sharing my ideas helped me gain clarity in my direction. I also challenged myself in committing to a certain lifestyle that I had always wanted and it helped me take the first step, a baby step.


The best thing about working with Serene is her sincerity, positive attitude and optimistic view towards life.  She will pin point the elephant in the room and what needs to be addressed  taking you out of your comfort zone at times which allowed me to self reflect. 


The best thing about Serene is I didn't feel judged, there was a space for growth and I was allowed to speak my mind comfortably without fear.

- N

Working with Serene brought to my awareness that I had all these skills and certificates but was too shy to demand my worth, because I had self doubt issues to deal with. Step by step, and with Serene's gentle ways and patience I grew stronger and more confident. She challenged me at one point to go after the job that I wanted (which meant quitting my current job). I was afraid. I learned that I had to let go of one thing in order to create space for what I wanted to come into my life. I am now working and loving my new job and am very grateful to have met Serene. Thank you for helping me reach my potential!


Serene has a unique way making it feel safe to explore and express my thoughts infant of her. Her voice is soothing, I really liked the guided meditations she did with me... it was eye opening for me. I was able to connect with what I used to love when I was younger, and get that back! Thank you for being patient with me and believing in me before I believed in myself.


I was positively overwhelmed with how much insight I gained from our very first session! How is it that I am in my 40's and never was aware about my own state of being and always focused on my doing?! I have yet much to work on myself and am looking forward to learning more and exploring more with Serene. I am so happy I stumbled upon your Instagram account, as I believe nothing happens randomly!


Serene is a cool person. She makes it  easy to open up and share. I gained different perspectives  and a way of looking at certain situations that always triggered me. I am glad I took that step and had that session.


Serene is so easy to talk to. I knew from the moment I saw her that she was the person I will be able to open up to as I am not an easy person to express my feelings. She never made me feel I was asking strange questions. I felt like she was a "guardian angel" to me. Thank you


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