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Oh Fear!

Updated: Feb 23

Agowilt (n.) unnecessary fear.

Oh fear, you false emotions appearing real you!

I’m on to you.. and I have learned to notice when you take me up in my head, creating assumptions, telling lies or putting myself in boxes. Oh fear, you have kept me in the dark for so long, afraid to be with what I deep down believed about me. Oh fear, because of you I have played small for too many years. Oh fear, see me now!! Look at you in the backseat while I take charge of my journey, giving myself permission to experience life with all its ups & downs, learning from mistakes & failures.. it’s really not that bad! In fact, it has taught me so much about my strengths and weaknesses. I now know that I am able to recover after failures. I now know that when things get messy and I am in a dip, it's okay..I stay there, pause..embrace it, breathe and move on. I now know that it's okay to feel nervous and afraid from uncertainty. And I have also learned that going into the unknown is all the more exciting because I get to create what I desire.

Oh fear, I feel your presence .. but only notice you as a purpose, to explore more where you pop up, for the sake of my growth, learning and becoming who I am at my essence. I choose to show up, with or without you. Either way it is always a learning process and experience. Thank you fear!

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