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Hello October!

Updated: Feb 23

Well hello October! My favorite month of the year. This is my first blog post...ever. and I love the fact that the timing is now. The month of my birth. The month of change and letting go. The month of warmth.

So many people reach October and already start thinking about what they haven't achieved and accomplished and thus tend to give up on their goals and resolutions feeling bad about themselves and disappointed. Then there's the other group of people who get excited about the new year and start setting goals about what they want to start doing and habits they want to change forgetting they still have three months before the year ends.

Guess what! It's about 92 days left to end of 2017 and that's plenty of time to make the changes you still haven't done. If you are still unclear about some decisions you have been avoiding? as leaves fall off the tree branches, you too can gently let go of your fears and doubts. Just let. it. go. Let go of what no longer serves your being and way of life.

Allow your being to be, create and flow.

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