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Here & Now

Dear beautiful soul

We are constantly in a process of change…

...staying in our same thought patterns, habits and. behavior does not serve our growth and expanding awareness … my dear one...

do not ruin your happiness with worrying,

.. do not spoil your mind with pessimism and negative thoughts,

.. and do not kill your successful milestones and achievements with arrogance,

.. and do not bring another person’s optimism and bright dreams down with your own skeptic outlook on life and low vibration words...

Dear beautiful one...

do not ruin this day by looking back and clinging on yesterday..

do not ruin your joy today by stressing about tomorrow ..

Come what may…. Live in the present moment..with joy..with love.. with acceptance and with patience..

You have the power and freedom to choose your constructive or destructive thoughts, your self-limiting beliefs or expanding thought beliefs, your emotions and a whole range of awareness scale...

We are living in interesting times right now... protect your energy.. protect your mind and what you allow in your thoughts...meditate daily.. sit in solitude at least 15 minutes. Inhale. Exhale. Focus on the rise and fall of your tummy as you breathe. Let thoughts just be passing thoughts. Choose which thoughts to feed with energy.

Move your body. Get your heart beat up. Stretch thought the day. When you wake up, and before you sleep. Stay hydrated.

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