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A life of Pausabilities

Every time we take things personally, we are causing ourselves and others harm. Lack of self awareness causes setbacks, however having the courage to look at ourselves and others honestly and gently creates more closeness, stronger relationships and emotional authenticity. So, how does one keep calm when what we want seems close to impossible? Breathe. Meditate. Slow down. Let go. Pause.

Ah yes, the power of the pause. When it comes to expectations, us humans love to hold on to a certain image about how things or people are supposed to be. Sadly, this is what often messes up our relationships and our emotions become messy. We all get frustrated when things don’t play out the way we expect them to, and people don’t behave like they’re “supposed” to. We expect loved ones to act and behave a certain way. We expect strangers to be kinder. We expect our colleagues and teachers to be more casual and understanding. But then reality plays another game and we are disappointed when others say, do, or feel other than what we want/ hoped for. We react with frustration, anger, sadness and tears. We exhaust and drain our energy over things we cannot control. Now, how exactly does that serve us and humanity?

Stay calm and breathe. Yes. Stay calm and breathe. Mindfully. Slow down the process of your thoughts. Just focus on the inhale. And the Exhale.

Not only will it release the tension, the stress, the fear and the anger, but. It will allow you to quiet your mind and come out with clarity and serenity. You will then be able to respond rather than react. You will be more patient. You will have more compassion for yourself and others. You will stop taking things and people’s behavior personally. You will cultivate a life of inner peace and acceptance.

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