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5 Books That Had An Impact On My Life

Updated: Feb 23

"What books do you recommend I start with?". That's a question I get a lot from people and from clients who want to start working on themselves and develop a love for reading. So, I thought I'd share with you a list of books that had an impact on my life and my habits of thinking.

by Michael A. Singer

I truly enjoyed this book and remember reading it in the summer of 2013 in Boston.

Imagine what it would be like to free yourself from the limitations you set for yourself and rise beyond your boundaries? Finding peace and serenity within your soul. I love this book as it has helped me discover how living in the moment and mindfulness freed me from my autopilot thoughts and habits. This book has been a gift to myself and creating a better relationship with myself as well as others.

by Elizabeth Gilbert

How can we not love Liz after her famous book Eat, Pray, Love. ?! This woman simply inspires me with her authentic spirit and humorous style of writing.

This book was a big motivation for me to let go of my fears and just go after my dreams! While reading this book, I actually felt a safe space to allow myself to dive into the challenges and it’s okay if I failed or got rejected…it was all part of the learning and growth. In this book she asks us to embrace our curiosity, and create the attitude and habits we need in order to live our most creative life.

Brene Brown

This book I can simply read over and over from time to time. This book walks us through ten principles that you can follow to have and live a more meaningful and fulfilling life. Connecting with courage and compassion towards yourself and others to live with authenticity and acceptance.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who has a great idea, but is too afraid and vulnerable to share it with the world. I personally have learned to accept who I am and not be too concerned about what I think I should be in the eyes of others. One of my favorite words by Brene is "wholehearted". Cultivating the ten principles has helped me live wholeheartedly and with self compassion .

I promise you, once you read one of her books you will read them all! Happy reading! Make sure to check out her new website too for all the courses and podcasts.

by The Abridger Institute

This book was a game changer for me personally. It opened my eyes to several of the points mentioned in this book. This book talks about how common it is for us to resort to conflict as a way of resolving differences we have whether at home , the workplace or the world. Understanding the reasons and ideas behind this mindset and how to find a better way to move forward is liberating and refreshing. This book really changed the way I look at myself and others. With understanding and changing habits, we can all choose the path of peace.

Click here to know more.

by Don Miguel Ruiz

If you feel like you’re living a lie or trapped in your own life, read this book. I can simply say this book is a guide that can break you free from negative patters and thoughts. Living by the four agreements mentioned; Be impeccable with your word, Don't take Things personally, Don't make assumptions and Always do your best.... applying them into you daily life is not easy but being mindful of living by these will no doubt bring you more happiness, inner peace and fulfillment in life. This book has transformed my attitude towards life profoundly.

To learn more about The Four Agreements click here.

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