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Updated: Feb 23

I remember once upon a time, and not too long ago, as I was sitting looking out into possibilities and all the opportunities that lay before me. Longing to make it my reality. There was just one thing. I was afraid. I was not ready to show up in the world and share my strengths, skills and ideas. Who was I to express my identity and let the world know I had so much to give and so much to share?

I read these words by Najwa Zebian and they truly resonated with me, specifically in that phase of my journey, not so long ago.

I gave myself the space to break, to be in rage, to feel, to heal and finally to SHINE.

Joining the The CTI Leadership Program has been one of the best gifts I have given myself. The mix of fear and excitement at just the thought of joining this program, not knowing the outcome, terrified me. I thought about it for months. I felt a pull towards going into the unknown. I asked a couple of fellow coaches who have been through the experience and asked my "Why do you want to sign up?". My reply would be "I am curious to know more about myself, I'm afraid of what is underneath that fear, I want to know what is possible for me if I overcome that obstacle that is holding me back". Their response was "Then you should definitely sign up and go". It was one of the best decisions ever. I set my intention. I gave myself permission to be with that fear, to step into the unknown, to be with uncertainty. I gave myself permission to feel vulnerable, to try new things and to trust that it will all be worth it. It wasn't easy. It times I felt like a huge ball of mess, but I kept myself in the perspective of trust. I trusted that I am exactly where I needed to be in that time of my life.

I no longer play small. I know my worth. I know and accept that I am a leader. I grow and raise others with me as we all grow together. I know that in order to understand myself on a deeper level I must understand you. I now look back and feel immense gratitude and respect for myself (for committing to myself and my personal growth, and everyone who supported me throughout that time with patience, love and understanding. Transformation takes time. We will always be a work in progress. I love who I am becoming every single day and I have made it my personal quest to spread self-awareness, what it means and how to live a life on purpose. We create our world. Together. Everyday


If you'd like to know more information about the CTI Leadership Program click here.

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