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A bit about Serene

Serene Feteih is a Self Awareness, Executive & Leadership Coach, CPCC, ACC (until 2021), MGSCC.  After earning her certificate with CTI’s Coach Training Program, she has since completed over 2500 hours of training and sessions with clients. She continued the path and took a 10 month program in Spain to become a certified Leadership Coach. She also has also earned a certificate in Parentology, a short course on how to strengthen and empower relationships between parents and their children.


She specializes in coaching clients stuck in a certain area in their life, feeling lost/empty and wanting to find meaning to life. They want to know how to move forward towards their goals and gain a balanced fulfilled life. She helps clients overcome divorce/ separation to rediscover their self-worth and value.  She guides and coaches youth fresh out of college whom are struggling or wishing to pursue their passion yet have doubts and fears. She explores values and thoughts with teens that are struggling to find their own identity. She motivates and encourages middle-aged clients who lack excitement and purpose in their life by helping them achieve clarity and focus on what brings them joy and reclaim their true potential.


In addition to her coaching practice, she is the co-founder & co-host of The Coach Talk Podcast, the first podcast in Arabic language. It is available on iTunes and Sound Cloud. The podcast discusses topics & guests related to creating sustainable, positive change in one’s life. It leaves listeners feeling inspired, motivated or encouraged to dig deeper into their lives and create a life they love.

Last but not least, she is a certified Consciousness Access  Bars Practitioner. 

To book a session, head over to the contact page.

If you would like to collaborate, work on a project together or hire her for a speech or workshop, please click here


You can follow her on social media by searching for: @serenefeteih

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